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Road-Tested Reviews: Insights From Our Valued Customers

Our Track Record Speaks Volumes

Our company has worked with over 6,800 dealers and helped them achieve over 16,000 approved submissions in all 50 states; we are also endorsed /licensed by 24 State Dealer Associations. None of our competitors can match that. But what elevates Armatus to a class by itself is what our customers say about our work and our people.

Our team produces positive results that impact the day-to-day operations of dealerships across the United States. Customer relationships do not end when a submission is approved; it's only the beginning of the shared journey to retail warranty reimbursement success.
Armatus is one of the few vendors in the automotive space that consistently over-delivers on their commitments. The team has been at our side as we work to maximize the fixed operations revenue in all our dealerships and has provided our organization with sound guidance, calling on decades of experience pursuing equitable warranty reimbursement for their clients. I have heard of horror stories from dealers that have used other vendors to support their warranty reimbursement requests. I am forever thankful we chose Armatus and would recommend them to other dealers without hesitation.
From our very first conversation and email, to receiving the approval letter from our manufacturer, you and your team have been very easy and professional to work with. You set expectations and delivered in a timely fashion. Your research was thorough and accurate, you sensed the opportunity and never asked for payment until the manufacturer sent the approval notice. A very traditional yet successful business model in todays dog-eat-dog environment. Please extend my thanks to your entire team
We wholeheartedly recommend Armatus for their exceptional work in securing multiple warranty rate increases for our dealership over the past several years. The strategic expertise and the company's results-driven approach have consistently delivered positive outcomes. Their professionalism, dedication, and ability to navigate complex warranty issues make them invaluable partners. If you're seeking a team that consistently produces tangible results in warranty rate management, Armatus is the top choice.
Engaging Armatus to perform our warranty reimbursement submission is one of the best decisions our organization has made in recent years. Their process is completely hands-off for our team, and we are confident the warranty parts mark-up and warranty labor rates they determine are the highest possible for each of our stores. Their in-depth understanding of factory behavior and the law proved to be invaluable and was critical in helping us maximize the results we had earned. Thank you, Armatus!
We initially went with a vendor that charged a flat fee to save money, but when Hyundai rejected their filing, they did not follow through. That is when we called Armatus. They got us approved in 30 days and our mark-up is 15 points higher. It tuns out the "cheaper" vendor would have cost us a LOT more.
The Armatus Dealer Uplift process has been a great fit for our service and parts department. The overall process is seamless, compliant, efficient, and effective by sorting data and processing the highest uplift for warranty parts GP% and warranty labor. Their support from a corporate and a dealership perspective has been awesome and they are completely transparent as they work through the entire process.

Our LHM Dealerships partnership with Armatus as a warranty parts and labor uplift solution has been instrumental in our warranty revenue growth over the last several years. We have witnessed significant increases in our parts/labor warranty gross profit and our ROI has been in the 1.5 to 1.8 month range. This has been a great return on our investment.

Armatus vs. Competitors

Armatus delivers results that can increase your ROI; none of our competitors come close to the success stats we have achieved. However, that does not stop them from competing on price and that "price" might result in you paying the highest possible fee. How? Not submitted in a timely manner and getting you inferior results that will cost you for years to come. Here are actual case studies of some dealers that made that exact mistake.
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A law firm performed a submission for an Ohio dealer and received an approved parts mark-up of 65.31%.

The firm's submission also triggered a labor rate reduction of $10 per hour. Armatus found an additional 41.65 percentage points for parts mark-up and increased the dealer's labor rate by $12 per hour. The law firm cost the dealer $248,736 in profit for parts and $126,000 in profit for labor.
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A Colorado dealer asked Armatus to do their annual labor rate increase one year after a software services company completed their parts uplift.

Not only did Armatus increase their labor rate by over $17 per hour, we increased their parts mark-up by over 19 mark-up points. The software company cost the dealer over $44,000 in parts mark-up alone.
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A Texas dealer asked Armatus to do their annual labor rate increase one year after a consulting firm completed their parts uplift.

Not only did Armatus increase their labor rate by $15.74 per hour, we increased their parts mark-up by 9.64 mark-up points. The consulting firm cost the dealer $42, 875 in parts alone.
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A Massachusetts dealer heard about Armatus in their 20 Group after a CPA firm got them approved for a 59% mark-up the prior year.

Armatus submitted the following year and achieved 80% mark-up, a 21-point improvement. The CPA firm cost the dealer $48,000.
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