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Shifting Retail Warranty Reimbursement Into High Gear

Dealerships were stuck in the no passing lane with artificially low parts and labor mark-ups on warranty work dictated by the manufacturers.

They could not charge retail rate for the warranty work they performed, and they were leaving money on the table. Armatus Dealer Uplift was created to solve this inequity, and get dealerships accelerating towards higher gross profits.
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Armatus Dealer Uplift was founded in 2010 and its roots are embedded deeply in the auto industry.

The core founders were experienced members of a dealership management team, and they had an idea that would address a growing concern for dealers across the country.

Armatus Dealer Uplift led the charge to level that playing field by creating proprietary software that searches data, analyzes it, and delivers optimal results.

Our work caught the attention of state dealer associations and we collaborated with them on legislation that broke down barriers and leveled the playing field between dealers and manufacturers.
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Today, our goal remains steadfast to help as many dealerships as we can to navigate and optimize the retail warranty reimbursement process.

We make it simple, so that you don't have to worry about it.
Precision Around Every Corner
Our simple, turn-key solution is engineered with precision to give you optimal results for your warranty parts and labor work year after year.
The Need for Speed
No one in the industry completes a submission faster and more accurately than we do.
Performance Built In
Our proprietary software gives our clients the advantages they need to perform better and increase their bottom line.

We are Obsessed with Performance

Imagine a car enthusiast building their dream car. That's us with retail warranty reimbursement. We love what we do and are obsessed about fine-tuning our services to deliver maximum reimbursement at maximum speed for our clients.
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High-Octane Leadership

The Managing Member of Armatus Dealer Uplift has been personally involved in consulting on 17 retail warranty statutes and is widely recognized as a subject matter expert in this highly technical arena. Previously, this individual spent more than 20 years as CFO, COO, and CEO of a large automotive group in Maryland.
Joe Jankowski 

The Chief Operating Officer of Armatus Dealer Uplift is recognized as an expert in this highly technical arena. Starting as an auditor, this individual built their knowledge base from the ground up and now manages a team of 52 people that produce thousands of retail-warranty submissions each year.
Jordan Jankowski

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