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We built our name on our state-of-the-art retail warranty reimbursement submission service. Our dedication to technological advancement in this field has allowed us to become the only turn-key solution in the industry. Further, our proprietary software is the absolute best on the market and guarantees you will receive an optimized result. Lastly, our technology allows us to complete a submission with unparalleled speed and accuracy, ensuring your dealership gets paid at the highest rate, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of disruption to your staff. We take the entire process off your hands, plus, there are no upfront fees - we don't get paid until you do.

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You won't lift a finger
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Proprietary Software guarantees you the best result
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Warranty Parts Increase

Armatus Dealer Uplift is by far the industry leader specializing in retail warranty reimbursement submissions. Many statutes governing retail warranty reimbursement are vague, intricate, subject to interpretation, and vary significantly from state to state. Armatus has expertise in each states' warranty reimbursement law. In fact, we have consulted on 17 of the most recently passed statutes. We are committed to achieving best-in-class retail warranty uplift results and we strive continually to refine our fully outsourced solution.
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Problems with Warranty Parts Mark-Up
Auto dealers across the country have been forced to "discount" their warranty parts. When they are reimbursed, they typically only receive a 40% markup or MSRP. Neither reflects true retail reimbursement rates.
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Warranty Mark-Up Opportunities
Legislation in 49 states entitles automotive dealers to be reimbursed by manufacturers for warranty work at retail, which is actually the dealer's customer "repair" rate.
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Dealer Roadblocks
Complex state statutes, manufacturer protocols and pressures, gatekeepers, and limited internal resources are just a few of the challenges that make receiving full retail warranty reimbursement difficult for automotive dealerships.
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The Armatus Solution
You can receive optimal results for your parts warranty uplift, just outsource the process to Armatus. Hand the entire retail warranty process to us and you won't have to lift a finger. Plus, there are no upfront fees - we don't get paid until you do.
Average Mark-Up 79.03%
Average Annual Parts Gross Profit Increase $101,695
Total Approved Parts Projects 7,887

Projection: All We Need is 4 Numbers

Find out what the possibilities are for your dealership with a no-obligation projection of your potential uplift. If you have submitted for retail warranty reimbursement on your own or with another vendor, put us to the test and we guarantee you are not leaving money on the table.

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Annual Warranty Labor Rate Increase

Let's talk about Annual Labor Rate Increase Submissions. With Armatus, you get the highest possible labor rate.
We do ALL the Work. It's a no brainer.

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Average Annual Labor Gross
Profit Increase
Total Approved Labor

Are You Really Getting the Most Out of Your Annual Labor Rate Increase?

Do you keep track of your
anniversary date?
Are you evaluating a
statutory submission vs. a
factory submission?
Are you achieving
optimized results?

Starting a Warranty Labor Rate Submission: Who, How and When

Some things you have to do once a year, every year and the annual warranty labor rate increase submission should be a top priority.

Keeping track of your annual due date, or opportunity date, is the first step toward submitting. The next choice is to keep the process in-house or get a third party to take over. Keeping it in house may appear to save you money up front, but without the knowledge of a third party expert, it may cost you more in the end.

If You Don't Know the Laws and the Manufacturers' Interpretations, You're at a Disadvantage

Warranty labor rate submissions are complicated. They require an intimate knowledge of both the law and manufacturer protocols. A single mistake can entirely halt the submission, and time here means money.

Let our experts handle it. Armatus Dealer Uplift has a keen understanding of complex state laws and insider knowledge on how manufacturers handle submissions, both factory and statutory. We have completed over 15,200 approved submissions for dealers in 50 states, not only that, we have consulted on the creation of 17 state statutes.

Warranty Labor Rate Data and Analytics: Optimization Is the Key

For most staff, putting together a warranty labor rate increase request is a side job. They hopefully submit every year, but they're not experts. Even those utilizing data analysis tools can miss opportunities.

We assure you that nothing but detailed analytics and a full audit yield the best results. Our experienced staff analyzes your data and uses proprietary software to help you get the most out of your warranty labor rate increase submission. Our team of auditors who prepare your package are subject matter experts.

Engage Armatus and You Will No Longer Have To:

  • Keep track of your Anniversary Date.
  • Wonder if you should follow the submission requirements of your manufacturer or state law.
  • Pull several hundred to thousands of repair orders.
  • Question if you achieved the best possible rate.
Get in touch! Let Armatus handle the Retail Warranty Reimbursement Process.
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