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Armatus Dealer Uplift Named an Endorsed Partner of the Nebraska New Car & Truck Dealers Association

by Joe Jankowski | January 7, 2019

HUNT VALLEY, MD, January 7, 2019 – Armatus Dealer Uplift, the industry leader in retail warranty reimbursement submissions, today announced that the Nebraska New Car & Truck Dealers Association (NNCTDA) has named it as an endorsed partner and exclusive vendor of Retail Warranty Reimbursement submission services to the NNCTDA membership.

“We look forward to working with NNCTDA members. The staff of Armatus is comprised of car people with years of combined retail automotive experience. We understand the inside workings of a dealership and the nuances and sensitivities of the factory-dealer relationship. NNCTDA members can trust us to keep their best interest at heart,” stated Joe Jankowski, Managing Member of Armatus Dealer Uplift.

“Armatus has an admirable track record of supporting dealers in achieving best-in-class uplift results. We are confident they will prove to be an extremely valuable resource for our members,” commented Loy Todd, NNCTDA’s President and General Counsel.

Armatus is committed to securing fair and reasonable market-rate warranty compensation for its clients and is the industry’s only fully outsourced retail warranty parts and labor reimbursement submission service. Armatus’ knowledge of statutes, manufacturers’ protocols and profit optimization are unequaled.

About Armatus Dealer Uplift

Headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland, Armatus Dealer Uplift is the industry leader specializing solely in Retail Warranty Reimbursement submissions. With nearly 5,000 approvals in 48 states with 24 manufacturers, Armatus is endorsed by 14 state dealer associations, and has been instrumental in consulting on new retail reimbursement legislation in 10 states.

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Joe Jankowski is the Managing Partner of Armatus Dealer Uplift, a Hunt Valley, Maryland-based firm specializing in retail warranty reimbursement submissions. Armatus has completed over 3,800 successful submissions nationwide.  Joe has been personally involved in consulting on ten retail warranty statutes and is widely recognized as a subject matter expert in this highly technical arena. Previously, Joe spent more than 20 years as CFO, COO, and CEO of a large automotive group in Maryland.