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An Assault on Retail Warranty Reimbursement?

by Joe Jankowski   |   March 10, 2016

Opening Remarks To begin with, the opening remarks of the chairwoman of the Federal Trade Commission, Edith Ramirez, set the tone for the sessions to follow by discussing the FTC’s involvement in the earliest days of the domestic auto industry. She discussed a major report of more than 1,000 pages produced for Congress in 1939 […]

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Retail Warranty Reimbursement: Leveling the Playing Field

by Joe Jankowski   |   October 3, 2015

The factory-dealer relationship is anything but a level playing field, and unfortunately the behaviors of some manufacturers have necessitated state laws to protect dealers. These franchise laws cover a myriad of issues, but one that is critical to your bottom line exists in 40 states, with more on the way. For years, most dealers have […]

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